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Review by Silvia Mircevski

'I have a number of properties here and abroad. Choosing agents is not a fun activity for me but a necessary one, requiring good judgment based on little information. Mostly I'm a little cynical of agents, truth be told... But I've had a very refreshing experience dealing with Treak Real Estate.

Prior to listing with Treak, I had a flat that sat empty for months (from 23rd July 2020) even though I had my regular agent listing it, ready to show it every week and by appointment. I had dropped the rent repeatedly though I had expected it would rise. I had done some repairs and even added additional features - and still nothing. I even had time to notice the listing was inaccurate and poorly written so I addressed that as well! That (old) agent was suggesting we cut the rent yet again at which point it seemed drastically low to me; almost not worth letting. My sense of the local real estate market was quite bleak... In addition to this, 4 months had passed and, with Christmas coming up, it seemed I had no chance of securing a tenant any time soon!

When I approached Renae of Treak RE, I didn't expect fast results for the fact it was December. She gave me some great insights and immediately made excellent suggestions for how to best market the property. While these things fostered a sense of her competence, I still could not have anticipated such a favourable result - she had prospective tenants lined up VERY quickly (yes, multiple!) and had sealed the deal with a wonderful new tenant by the end of the year. All at a rental rate I was much more comfortable with!

I found Renae's professionalism and inter-personal skills impressive. She has speed as required while still making time to reflect and advise. I'm impressed with her command of technology, mobilised to support her business and clients. The absolute cherry on top is her integrity. Wow. It's wonderful to be dealing with someone so trustworthy.

In fact Treak, has been so impressive on so many fronts, I will actually be migrating all my Australian properties to them for management.

I highly recommend Treak RE.' Silvia Mircevski

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