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Our assess & negotiate service thrives on collaboration, and we value your active participation in the property search process.

Many of our clients find joy in being part of the journey and often bring potential properties to our attention for assessment.

Simply inform us of your desired level of involvement in the assessment and negotiation process, and we'll tailor our support accordingly. Together, we'll assess suitability and determine fair value before initiating negotiations with the agent.

With our specialised reporting system, you'll receive comprehensive and easily digestible insights into your target property. We handle negotiations directly with agents to secure the best price and terms on your behalf. Additionally, we're well-versed in auction strategies, having honed our skills through countless auctions.


We understand the rollercoaster of emotions that can accompany bidding wars. Whether you've experienced the thrill of victory or the disappointment of being outbid, rest assured that we've been there too. Our expertise ensures that we navigate these scenarios with tact and strategy, always working in your best interest.


Let us guide you through the intricacies of the buying process, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome every step of the way.​​

Ready to buy? ​

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