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Welcome to Treak Leasing & Property Management

At Treak, we're dedicated to maximizing your investment property's potential. With over two decades of experience, personalised service, and advanced technology, we ensure your property is in capable hands. Discover peace of mind and exceptional results with Treak.

Leasing & Property Management

A personalised service ensuring you and your property receive the attention you deserve.

20 years of industry experience to help you increase the return on your investment.

Fair rates for a highly personalised property management service.

Be proud to be aligned with a socially responsible and ethical company.

Transparent real-time information about your property, at your fingertips.

How we deliver more:

Communicating with you:

  • We keep you updated through the leasing and management process, especially after open and periodic inspections.

  • We contact you when rent reviews and lease renewals are approaching, never after the fact.

  • We undertake periodic inspections every 6 months so you can see how well your new tenant is looking after your property.

Keeping your tenants happy:

  • We contact your new tenants 2 weeks after they move into the property, to make sure everything is A-OK.

  • We personally call the tenants ourselves to minimize the risk of conflict regarding late payments.

  • We deliver timely responses to maintenance requests.

  • We conduct ingoing inspections via our Property App which feature lots of photos, minimizing disputes during the outgoing inspection.

Lowering your vacancy rate:

  • We move quickly when we hear a tenant is vacating, organizing your marketing and conducting inspections to find a new tenant as soon as possible.

  • We find the perfect balance between market interest and rental income when setting rates for your property, adjusting prices if necessary through the marketing campaign.

  • We deliver excellent communication to all prospective tenants, going over and above when showing properties.


Finding the best tenants:

  • We conduct the most thorough screening of tenants, ensuring that you get the best, knowing the red flags to look out for.


Latest Technology:

  • 24/7 online access to property and financial information through your owner portal.

  • Lease agreements, management agreements, and inspection reports are available to view anytime.

  • Keep and review a record of any maintenance carried out.

  • Fast digital lease signing to accelerate the process.

  • Easy online application process for tenants.

  • We register every person that enters a property via our inspection app, allowing us to contact them afterward to see if they are interested in applying for the property.

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