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Hi, I’m Renae!

With over two decades of experience in the property industry, I'm not just a property professional – I'm also a proud mum, a dedicated yogi, a passionate traveler, and a musician. I've had the privilege of DJ'ing and touring across Australia and around the world, with unforgettable stops in Barcelona, Berlin, Belgium, Munich, Malta, India, and New Zealand.

My journey in property began in 2001 when I embarked on a Bachelor of Business (Property), aspiring to become a property valuer. Fast forward to 2006, where I landed my first valuation job, eventually transitioning to real estate in 2008. Taking the reins of a boutique agency in 2008, I navigated the day-to-day operations before becoming a licensed agent in 2013.

In early 2020, as my boss approached retirement, I made the decision to start my own venture, focusing on the aspects I love most: property buying and management. Treak Real Estate was born in August 2020, driven by a commitment to providing a compassionate and highly personalised experience for our customers.

My team and I have cultivated a company culture that reflects the best of humanity. Through our Real Estate for Good initiative, a portion of our profits goes to support local Sydney charities. We're incredibly excited about the journey ahead, dedicated to helping people find their dream homes and manage their property portfolios.

Thank you for being part of our story. We look forward to being a part of yours.

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Welcome to Treak

While Treak Real Estate officially began its journey in mid-2020, the roots of our story extend back over two decades, tracing the passion and dedication of our founder, Renae Treak. Renae's love affair with the property industry started in the early 2000s, where she honed her skills as a valuer and agent, setting the stage for the creation of Treak Real Estate in 2020—just as the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded.

Despite the hurdles faced during the launch, Renae and her growing team leveraged their unique blend of expertise, compassion, authenticity, and social responsibility to transform Treak into a thriving buyers agency and property management company. Together, they've assisted an expanding family of happy customers in buying and leasing properties.

From its inception, Treak Real Estate aimed to be a positive force in the world, a commitment embodied by the Real Estate for Good program. Through this initiative, Treak contributes to the Wayside Chapel Donate a Plate Drive with every property lease and provides warm, fire-retardant sleeping bags to the homeless for each property purchase.


In our pursuit of a sustainable future, Treak is transitioning to a paper-free approach and working tirelessly towards a net-zero carbon footprint, driven by renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

If you're searching for a team of property professionals who embody compassion, understanding, and deep expertise in the Sydney property market— a team you can genuinely feel good about working with—your search ends here. Welcome to Treak.

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