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Review by Nathan Elliot-Watson

I was apprehensive while looking to buy a place as I didn't want to get ripped off. I also needed a specific sized lounge room to accommodate some esoteric HIFI equipment.I was actually dreading talking to real estate agents as from previous experience, they just didn't understand my little unique world.

Renae was different.

She has experience with music production and jumped at the opportunity to find me exactly what I needed even researching and downloading user manuals of my speakers to ensure the room layout would be optimal. I really appreciated this level of commitment and professionalism.

Renae quickly dispelled some of my fears by reinforcing what I absolutely needed, what I really wanted and where I could compromise then only showed me relevant proprieties. She also bought up really important things that I had never thought about and together we had a really solid plan to start with.

Renae found me the perfect place where I really didn't need to compromise what I wanted, I got it all and it was under budget. She researched the property and advised me of any problems and we went ahead with the purchase. I can't be happier with Renae and the work she did to secure a perfect place for me.

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