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Review by Beck Hall (Client)

I engaged Renae’s services as a Buyer’s Agent as I knew I didn’t have the time and energy to battle the Inner West Sydney property alone. I’d previously thought a Buyer’s Agent was a luxury beyond my means, but the time and stress it saved me, let alone the actual monetary saving (Renae is one savvy negotiator!), was one of the best investments I’ve made.

Renae took the time to understand thoroughly what I really valued in a property (many times identifying this before I did!), explained everything clearly and made herself available whenever my schedule allowed. I never felt pressured, that anything was ‘too much’ and Renae and her team, really go above and beyond. Even scouting areas to check environmental conditions at various times of the day!

My biggest takeaway from the process, was just how much, I would’ve missed without Renae’s insight, knowledge and industry experience. She read through a multitude of strata and council reports, researched property details I’d have never considered and provided Due Diligence reports on each property we wanted to pursue, which became invaluable. Her valuation and negotiation skills were also so on point, I was able to secure my new home below budget!

Engaging Renae’s services was a HUGE advantage and in a highly competitive market, the only reason I was able to secure my new home in a matter of weeks!! Renae is the ultimate unicorn - a real estate agent you can actually trust! I cannot recommend highly enough.

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