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Review by Annabelle Chee (Client)

'Renae has been wonderful to work with and worth every cent spent! I've hired Renae as a buyers agent twice. Once to help my partner and I find our first home and also assist my mother in finding the perfect property to downsize to.

She is incredibly responsive, professional and attentive. Buying a property is one of the biggest investments any one makes in their life and Renae spends a lot of time getting to know you so that she can pin-point out exactly what you're after and provide professional advice on what would best suit your budget and non-negotiable requirements.

Being first home buyers our knowledge of the industry, what to watch out for and what makes a good investment was next to nothing. This is where Renae's years of hard work and experience really shone through. She put in countless hours of research towards areas and properties that we were interested in to help us find our dream home. While there were properties that we thought looked great in pictures and price, Renae's years of experience helped us to understand why they would not make a good investment and helped us to learn that sometimes the marketing of a property does not reflect what it is worth.

In addition to this, Renae inspected ALL properties we were interested in before inviting us to view the properties ourselves. As you can imagine, this was a massive time saving tool on our behalf as she was able to identify whether the place met the standard of what we were after. She also helped to review and read all Strata Reports and minutes, providing advice on the risks involved in conjunction with her recommended conveyancer.

As a seasoned and experienced real estate agent, having Renae on our side also meant that she was able to communicate with other real estate agents on our behalf. Her knowledge of the buying and selling process as well as the strategies involved was invaluable to us as it made the process much less intimidating. We felt constantly reassured that we were on the right track and she was with us every step of the way.

Renae also provides a very comprehensive due diligence report which includes information about the building, the history of the property, recent comparable sales, her valuation of the property and any upcoming developments in the area that may affect your property price in future. Finding this information would be difficult and very time consuming! Renae puts in the time to do so and presents it in a comprehensive and digestible format so that you can make a well informed decision on the property you are interested in.

To say that we were impressed with Renae would be an understatement. She is fantastic beyond words (which is why we hired her twice!). She helped us find the perfect property for our first home purchase in just over 2 weeks and my mother's property in about the same time frame. We are incredibly grateful for everything and cannot recommend her services enough! She operates ethically, is easy going, very composed and will help you to feel reassured throughout a process that is stressful for most people. She has to be Sydney's best Buyers Agent!

Thank you Renae, you are a star!!! :D'

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