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Review by Charlotte Gjedsted (Client)

My partner and I met Renae at a property inspection at the beginning of our search to buy our first home. We started chatting and immediately liked Renae’s warm and calm approach. Fast forward a month or two of continuing our search in lockdown with trouble understanding price guides, offers made and not accepted and feeling a bit disheartened and deflated by the process we reached out to Renae to help us.

Renae took the time to understand what we were after, worked closely with the agents of properties we were interested in, provided us valuable advice on the pros and cons, and read through pages and pages of strata documents to determine if the properties were right for us. She communicated with us at every step of the process, was always available for a chat and answered our many questions, provided valuable insight from her years of experience, and kept us motivated to keep searching and find something that we both love.

With Renae’s help we were also able to view off-market properties (one of which we ended up buying!). Renae has even calmed our nerves about renovating by providing us with advice and contacts for people she has used and trusts to help us add further value to our purchase. We are incredibly grateful to Renae for helping us buy our first home and could not recommend her enough. She has helped us do what seemed impossible a few months ago – buy a home in Sydney. Thanks Renae and the team at Treak Real Estate!

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